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If you have just started your business, it can get hard.  Especially, if you’re someone who doesn’t really talk to anyone or have that many friends. You have to start your business with real expectations, unlike me, I just new everyone was going to want to buy what I was selling. Reality hit me real quick and I realized that I had work to do, I needed to promote my business more. If you’re not popular then you will have to put in the work to gain the customers or clients you want to have, which is okay, you’ll learn more. And I’m not knocking anyone who is popular, i know y’all put in work too. One important thing, I think you should know, is that you have to support yourself first, promote yourself first, market, and have faith in what you’re doing before anyone else can. Even when I have my slow days when no one has written me about an item or no orders, I have still have faith that one day I will have more than enough orders! Never quit on yourself or what you’re doing, you’ll get there as long as you put in the work and have patience. 

P.S. Please forgive me I’m just starting this new thing out. If this is all over the place, I apologize, I’ll get it together && let me know what y’all think 😘

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